Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Break Up the Yankees!

Yankees-Red Sox, Yankee Stadium. Photo by Karen Barletta, roving reporter.

After two consecutive 6-2 wins (Mets on Sunday, Red Sox on Monday), things suddenly look a little hopeful in Yankeeland. It's amazing what a win can do for the morale of a team and its fans. The Yanks took the first game of a 3-game series vs the Sox yesterday. Wang was tough, and made the pitches he needed to keep the big bats at bay. Bruney and Proctor were solid out of the bullpen, as usual, and even Farnsworth didn't give up his usual run.

Crazy moment of the night for me: a lumbering David Ortiz trying (and succeeding) to stretch a single into a double against the strong arm of Bobby Abreu. Wow! Do we have to worry about this guys legs now too?

Tonights matchup: Tavárez vs Mussina.

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